The 80’s called….

Okay, I absolutely love the 80’s the style, the music, the late great Gary Coleman. However, some of these things should have stayed there….
Your house seriously needs a YAY make over if you still live with some of these key 80’s pieces….

Slipcovers made in plastic!
This room is so wrong, But her homegirls messed her up even more and told her to get the slipcovers, so no one messes up her “nice furniture set”
A large wicker chair.
Faux wood paneling. 
Glass blocks
Walls made of glass blocks.
Hollywood Light bulbs….
A Pink and Blue Southwestern Bathroom.
A room that has a picture and furniture purchased at Zayre or Venture.
Eightiesd0310_lgMauve carpeting….Well Mauve anything!
This Wallpaper


This Sofa
Alot of good things came out of this decade, unfortunately these rooms were not one of them!
YAY Decor,
via Tiffany Brooks, Your Affordable Chicago Decorator, Designer, Stylist! 

Categories: Design Donts, Fugly Design

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