Getting (Myself) In the Holiday Spirit. A Re-Post.

This year, I am having the toughest time getting into the Holiday Mood! I have tried eggnog, Christmas Music, going to see decorations…. I even decorated a store window, especially for the holiday season. Maybe this blog post will help.  

This is for those of us who have not put up our trees yet. And even better ideas for those of us who just can't get with the spirit this year. This is a re-post from:



All the time the Christmas Tree is the central point of attraction in your home. So here are 8 Beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas to feed your inspiration.









There are simple ones as well as more complicated ones, white, as well as colorful, shiny and sparkly, with texture, without texture, small, big, in other words, no matter what your tastes are you will surely find something that  satisfies your wishes. 

Merry Christmas All! Via

Tiffany Brooks,

Your Chicago Interior Stylist & Interior Decorator


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