2 Crucial tips to: Paint Your Ikea Furniture. Successfully.


Get to know these words.

They are the keys to successfully Painting your Ikea pieces. 


Malm Before

Malm – Image From Design Sponge


Malm After – Image from Design Sponge


  • You must use a shellac based primer. B.I.N. by Zinsser is a good one. We found our can at Lowes. It is even used to paint laminate. Make sure that you give it ample time (and coats) to dry. After this crucial 1st step, you can spray paint on any color or paint that you like.  
  • We learned by our mistakes, When Painting your IKEA Furniture it requires ample drying time. We gave our piece 24 hours between coats for the paint to fully cure. Then an extra week or two before using the piece.


Expedit painted shelves


The Lack Floating Shelf – Via Apartment Therpy


these great posts got us started: 



Stay Blessed.

Interior Stylist


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