My $3500.00 (Pink) Living Room Challenge!

I got a cute message from “Lisa” a couple weeks ago. She was referred to me by a mutual friend of ours. She sent photos of her South Suburbs (of Chicago) living room that needed a creative interior designer some serious TLC. 
So we met. 
And she was just as cute as her message! 

Thats Lisa!!! The one on the right.

Lisa requested, COMFORT! It was a must that she kicked her feet up to watch TV when she returned home. We also needed easy to move tables, lighting, seating. Everything was to be replaced. My budget limit is approximately $3500.00. My excitement came in when she told me she was enamored with pinks and purples!!!

I have full creative control, all Lisa wants is the Big “HGTV Reveal” moment.

Here’s the moodboard we have so far for her room plan. and according to my allowances for each category, I am $5.00 over! Ahhh well I will take one for the team.

Did you notice the silhouette of the little girl? Since Bring It Home Chicago its really my design signature. I am researching ways  to have this pillow customized for Lisa.

What do you think, As a single female would you love this space? I don’t normally blog about my spaces until they are done, but I am PUMPED to get to do a pink living room!

Your Chicago Interior Designer & Stylist

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