YAY Decor Check Out Our Etsy Shop

Hiyah All!!
We finally did it. We opened the YAY Decor Etsy shop. Well I over exaggerate when I say ‘WE’…. 
My hubby, Dante, is the person behind it. He finally got sick and tired of me using our dining room as a landing place for things that I have deemed as “I PROMISE I WILL USE THIS…” in my next project…, Or “this would be perfect that client’s home!” We have collected so many cool things in our weekend outings that we finally decided; I mean HE finally decided to sell some of these things. 
If you are somewhere around Chicago and Milwaukee,by refinishing and re-upholstery, we offer customization to the upholstery pieces. This way, if you see a frame that you love, however it does not work for your decor at its current state, we will come out, take a look at the space, and re-invent that piece for you. 
Here are a couple of my favorite pieces in the store right now…
Vintage Victorian
Vintage Victorian

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