My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

I (heart) a great striped room. If done right, it is an affordable design illusion on the walls, it brings in pattern, and if worn right stripes are slimming. I wanted to share my line up of my most favorite striped rooms.

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I love this look because it obviously makes a really bold statement, but you need to look twice to see how  the designer cleverly places the stripping on the wall.
apartment of  Jean-Louis Deniot
This is a fabulous vignette. Stripes are perfect for that first impression splash that you must make in an entryway. Did you notice the detailing on the table?


“The Graduate” #8

Everyone knows this house! Even though the room is not stripped that touch of it outside is so perfect!

By Designer Celerie Kemble

This bedroom is so asymmetrically chic, every time I look at it I find another designer trick I can’t wait to try.

Design by Durston Saylor
Not a fan of the lighting, but that pattern on the walls is fab. 
#5 and #4
By Mary McDonald

My Queen. She rocks everything she puts her hands on! I especially love this bedroom.

By Celerie Kemble

I must admit, I am noticed the color first, and just recently noticed the subtle stripes in the chairs. That detail made the room perfect.

Design By Martyn Lawrence Bullard

I also try to use wallpaper in my rooms whenever I can. It easily sets of the mood of the spaces. I posted this one since it is the obvious star of this powder room.


Thom Filicia
Ahhhh… and Mr. Filicia. Her is my Grand Master of everything eclectic. One of my recent clients asked: Your not gonna go all crazy on my house like that Thom guy you always mention are you?  I think she secretly likes his design swag too!!!
Do you love stripes in design too? The key to nailing a striped room is layering and subtle repetition. Repeat the pattern somewhere else in the room, instead of just in one area, such as the walls. And good gosh, layer them. Using pillows, accessories, showcase a conversational piece of art. The stripes will be lonely in the background if you don’t layer!
Many Blessings!
Your Chicago Interior Designer, Tiffany Brooks

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