Ikea Room Displays. My guilty pleasure.

One of my guilty pleasures is that I go to Ikea to see the room displays. Its addictive! For me going there to see the room set ups is like going to a uber affordable show-house that will cost you no more than $2013.00 to own! Seriously, one of the room combos were $2013.00…

I snuck several shots of the spaces. Some are okay, and others are just taking up space.
Disclaimer: Please excuse the little boy pictured in most of these. He seems to follow me wherever I go 😉

 This bedroom belongs to Targets CEO! 

Not sure what the buyers at Ikea are thinking with their lighting selection. This one reminds me of a hoop skirt.
My favorite find there was this table. So, not IKEA-ish…

^Those light shades would be awesome if the insides were gilded…. 

That tray, is actually a mirror. Go Ikea for trying to be a tad out the box!

While I was at the store I spotted, I think may be the fugliest lamp since the Christmas Story Movie. I had to share.

Many Blessings!

Your Chicago Interior Designer & Interior Stylist

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