Small Space Interior Design: Be Bold on Those Walls

By Celerie Kemble

I feel that walls and furniture placement (more on that tomorrow) are key in small spaces. A lot of people are fearful to go dark in a smaller room or apartment, but I figure you only have a small amount of square footage on this earth you should make it count. I use up every square bit of wall space in a miniature home for boldness and character. 
Wallpapers and dark saturated paint tones are my favorite statements to make on the walls in smaller spaces.

I would go so far as to use black in small spaces, it looks so infinite. And paired with a stylish mirror arrangement. POW!

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Interior Design by Janelle Beals

Design by Dufner Heighes inc

Design by Tara Seawright
People are successful with one wall of paper in a smallish space, I say go for the entire room Chica!

By Mary McDonald

Be bold and make a statement on those walls!
Your Chicago Interior Designer & Interior Stylist,
Tiffany Brooks

2 replies

  1. I love the concept of the bold color walls paired with wallpaper, it totally works! I’m not a huge accessory fan, I moto less is more a lot of the time and I find that the wallpaper brings an element to the room itself giving it life and texture, brilliancy. I also love the white bordered picture frames on the slate wall. It creates clean lines and develops a focal point for kith to radiate. Great eye candy you brought.


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