I am Looking for Work Loft Spaces

First of all Happy Monday to all of you, and Happy Birthday to my little man Ayden! He is nine years old today, and of course that forced an obvious look back, making me realize how fast time on earth flies.

Here in the design office I am growing to big for my 13 x 16 britches, and I am considering leasing a loft space closer to Milwaukee, or Right on the edge of Chicago. With 90% of my clients coming from Chicago there may be just a tad more opportunity there.  And who doesn’t love a creative loft work space? It is so chic to work on top of original hardwoods, and painted brick walls.

So as I am looking for a Realtor, that can advise me on the best place for my business, and hold my hand through the process, I wanted to post exactly the creative feel I am going for:

So, If anyone knows a warm and fuzzy Realtor for the Northern area in Chicago, let me know.

Your Chicago Interior Designer & Stylist


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