Weird things I am Loving Right Now.

Well not necessarily weird. But some unorthodox, random things I would love to use in a home:

#1 That Skate that Andy has in the Bravo Clubhouse:
Here it is close up:

He got his from Andy bought this golden roller skate from Maison 24 in the Hamptons.

I found this in gold and other cute colors to Here:

 #2 The Banana the Fabulous Mr. Adler Sculpted:

I love this weird sculpture! Its a bud vase as well.

#3 This Vintage Gauntlet!

I know, how weird! But I can totally see this on a library shelf, found this at Jayson Home and Garden. Right here in Chicago.

#4 Any Kim McCarthy Painting

This girl is amazing at her craft. See more of Kim’s work here: These abstract Nudes are so dope to me right now, They can even go in the most prude of homeowners spaces.

#5 Fiberglass Furniture

Who doesn’t love a great MCM nod, especially in the form of a tulip chair.

Other randomness I fell in love with this week:

The Celerie Kembkle Collection of Rugs with Merida

The above is my Absolute favorite. Catalyst in Pink Grapefruit

Last but not least:

This Scalamandre Print

I am especially wanting to couple this wallpaper with the Tulip Chairs above!
Many Blessings! 
Your Chicago Interior Designer & Interior Stylist
Tiffany B.

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