Playing Catch Up With An Interior Design BEFORE AND AFTER!

OK. I have been missing in action for quite some time. You know life, clients, hiding under covers, etc  But this week I am officially returning returning to the land of the living. AKA Social Media. So much is going on right now in my life. It would take at least 3 weeks and 15 blog post to catch everyone up!

So lets start with a project update. A before and after! They are always fun! Do you remember Lisa? She wanted a mix of ethnic, purple, pinks, and feminine, all in one room. I got back the photos just a minute ago and here they are.

Here is a before:

And Her After…

Before #2

And her after!

And a shot of those wonderful chairs…

 The after photos were taken by the talented Rio Wray

There were hugs, laughter, and smiles. I love a client reveal!

What my team and I did with this space:

  • Painted…The walls ceiling, and most of the trim
  • Revised the floor plan to open up the space
  • Maximized storage for her cd’s (aka – used an iPod), videos, etc
  • Sourced high and low furnishings creating an interesting mix
  • Re-imagined vintage tables (end and accent pieces)
  • Designed a custom ottoman packed with storage
  • Accessorized with pictures, books, florals, paintings, pillows, and drawings to add more texture and interest.

What people don’t get and (they should) is that a great design of your home affects your mood and how you feel about yourself. Even when you simply clean up, it makes a huge difference. You feel relaxed, accomplished and in YOUR SPACE. When you feel that your house is in “hot-mess-status” you sometimes feel that way about yourself too.

Your Chicago Interior Designer

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