“I have been told there is something just a little (well a lot) eccentric about me. For me, this eccentricity is the soul that makes your home, unique and and full of surprises. I believe that design should be an eclectic science, best bound together by personal style – your personal style.”  My team and I are known for creating an unpretentious, down to earth interior design experience.

My passion for interiors, contagious laugh, and the ability to entertain while teaching people lead me to HGTV Star franchise; where I was named the Season 8 winner! While I am currently designing stunning interiors for homeowners in the Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas, becoming a regular on WGN and WCIC locally, I am also shooting a couple new shows for HGTV: HGTV Smart Home 2014 & the other is to be announced. When ever I think about all of these blessings, opportunities, and talents God gave me,  your everyday run-of-the-mill stylish Midwestern mom, I could just turn a flip!!!

This blog is my little sounding board where I house my inspiration, delicious design finds, and cool tips and tricks that I come across while designing for my families on TV and off.  My main goal is to inspire and help you turn your house into your stylish home!

Interested in working with Tiffany? FABULOUS!—> CLICK HERE

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  1. Really enjoying your blog Tiff! It’s beautifully written and your personality shines right thru it!! You are a STAR and a beautiful, motivated inspiration and force to be dealt with. Proud and excited for you with all your blessings and upcoming challenges…go get em Girl!


  2. Yayyyy Decor…. So happy to hear all the wonderful blessings that are coming your way. I’m glad You made it to my house because at this point I would not stand a chance.
    Great Job Tiffany!!!!!


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