12 Tacky Light Tickets – 2012 Edition

OK, so I focus so much on how to decorate your homes; I wanted to take a time out and show off what NOT to do during the holidays. Here are some of my favorite photos across the internet (and one local) of houses deck’ed the HECK out for Christmas 2012.

I damn near went into a seizure looking at this photo!

This one never gets old. I still am baffled by how in the hell they get inside…

This house looks like someone is standing on top pissing out Christmas lights! 

Everything looks normal here…until you see THE STAR OF SATAN  punctuating the top left of this!

So you decide to put a nativity scene in the middle of this mess?

Redneck Sleigh – “On Dasher, On Cupid,…..” The rest of them called in! 

This is scary as heck all of them looking at us like that……

See – now this is just WRONG!

Some of my Facebook friends will appreciate this one. 
Christmas Castration!

After I finish this post I am certainly getting PETA involved. Just messed up how they got those reindeer chained up…

Ohh… and I had to add one that Is LOCAL to me in Lake County Illinois

Only in Antioch.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Your Chicago Interior Designer

Tiffany Brooks!

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