An Inspired Thank You.

I want to Thank Everyone 
reading these words, Friends, Family, Clients – (Future,  Present, and Past) for supporting 
You and Your Decor!

New Years Eve is often a hard day for me. I often am disappointed looking back on what I have not accomplished since the January 1st before. I feel as if I have fallen short or failed myself in some weird way. I usually set this exact bar…”To loose 20lbs (again LOL), or to grow no less than 20%  in my design business; or to have the entire bible read in a year!”.  

Seriously folks, that is the sum of my usual resolution lists. Then when I reflect and see that I gained 5lbs, and business grew only 15%, and I only got to know John and Matthew in the Bible, I solidify my feelings of failure, not being proud of what I/we accomplished – I am sure a lot of you are familiar with those feelings when you reflect back.

This past year I have been “Uber-Blessed”. I have gained frinedships through new clients and their families, received press that humbled and inspired me, and my ultimate high for the year which was appearing on WGNs “Bring It Home Chicago”.   

In 2013 I am not going to set a bar for myself, or resolve to do anything, but I am promising myself To INSPIRE others.
That is what my 2013 is to be about. INSPIRATION.  I am going to inspire others by setting examples in my relationships,  in concentration, in my self confidence, in my knowledge, and insprire others to have courage. 
And lets not forget – INSPIRE you in the designs of your Homes!
Plain and simple – TO INSPIRE.
Whats your promise to yourself? I want to know what are you planning to do (or stop doing) for 2013, what are you going to start being about? 
And most importantly, I MUST THANK you for contributing You and Your Decor’s amazing year! Be Safe and STAY UBER BLESSED!
HAPPY 2013! 

TIffany Brooks, 
Your INSPIRED Chicago Interior Designer

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