Layering Your Rooms – Guide from an Interior Designer

If you missed the email that I sent, I wanted to share my handy guide on layering your rooms. Layering is a process kinda like decorating a cake. You can have the cake batter, then bake it, but its still just bread. In order for it to be done, you need to ice it with the right flavors, and decorate it. – That’s layering.

Other things to remember:
  • Make sure you love the art. Do not just make selections because they match your color palette
  • Same with the accessories and books – You gotta love them, and with the accessories the more personal the better.
  • Layer your room according to function. If you are a wine drinker, why not have a wine rack, or mini bar in your living area?
  • When choosing patterns in your space, remember to vary its scale.
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Many Blessings!
Tiffany Brooks

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