The Case for the $300 Pillow.

A friend of mine came across these pillows by Rebecca Atwood on Pinterest the other day and I had t share here. This line is super Haute, Super Elegant & Super Expensive.

Rebecca also has an amazing line of art as well.
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Rebecca hand makes, yes. I said HAND MAKES these pillows using a painting process. She is inspired by textiles from flea markets, imagery from nature, and her rich history growing up on cape cod surrounded by water.
This girl is amazing at her craft, and yes, I did just blog about  $300.00 pillows, because it is haute. And think of it this way, many of you have paid up to 10 times more for a bag that we only sometimes carry. So why not treat yourself (and your sofa) to this type of luxury?
Hope your having a Wonderful Weekend
Tiffany Brooks
Your Interior Designer/Stylist

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  1. “And yes I did just blog about a 300.00 pillow”!! THIS is why I love you…plus these are gorgeous pillow..I actually love me some pillows… your logic is correct about the handbags..altho I usually go totally sales on those..and I could not afford these..but they are very HAUTE!


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