Guest Post; Tiffany’s husband, Dante, knows design…

Tiffany is crazy busy, so I told her that I would guest blog for her. Her bad. Because I have no clue what I am talking about, LOL! What I do know is that these are photos from a newly refurbished 120 year old townhouse and it’s really dope.


I like how this home is decorated, using touches of rustic, modern, high and low pieces. It looks very calm and relaxing in this living room. I dig the spotlight lamp in front of the distressed wood framed mirror. The all white throughout gives it a real fresh and clean feel.


Something I noticed in this home is the use of the exposed wood beams on the ceilings. It looks very artistic to me. See the use of the old dresser in the bathroom? But even better, that deep tub looks very chill! Put on your neo soul playlist on your iPod with some Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Glen Lewis, and relax.


More exposed wood beams on the ceiling, but this time they are painted white.


By this time, I am noticing the use of the wood throughout the home. It’s not overdone, but a little bit throughout. In the bathroom there is the wood table used as dual sinks and the beams on the ceiling, but no wood floors. In the rest of the home it’s wood floors and the beams on the ceiling are white…BRILLIANT! LOL! Am I being too observant? Who cares, i’m writing this. By the way, this long real wood table and the vintage folding chairs, dope.


Now THIS looks very relaxing. With it being late April here in Illinois and winter hasn’t left us yet, this picture makes me very sad.


Here’s more pics of the living room. Peep the art all throughout the room. The black and white photos on the wall, the bull head…but what what I like the most is the big painting on the wall. The blue white and red, I just thinks it adds some real pop to the room. Isn’t “pop” the most over used word in design? Kind of like “swag” in hip hop.


Again, it’s 40 degrees in mid April here. This patio can bite it.



I don’t know if I can walk up those stairs. I might never see the second level if I visited this town home. Well, i’m done now. Watching the Bulls game and Taj Gibson just posterized Kris Humphries!

He didn’t come for the massage, he came for the FACIAL!


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