Talk about a crossroads in my personal life. Most everyone who knows me, know that I work 2 jobs. Well 1 passion and 1 job. The first is a position at my sons Montessori school. I am the office manager and 1/3 of a voting board member. The second is my passion. My design business. I love it. I am addicted to seeking out furniture and new pieces, fabrics  wallpapers, chairs, what have you.

Design is my vice.

At the first of this year I have been working on a wonderful opportunity that only a chose few receive and thousands more beg for. Some real life changing stuff here folks. Now with that experience behind me – and at the same time ahead of me… I have decided to make design my single occupation. As scary and dizzying as it is to have not one, but two income earners on 100% commission; I kinda feel comfortable moving forward with this, and saying goodbye to my job to grow my passion….. I think!  Talk about nauseous making. So I am gonna do it folks change my life and step into my passion one day, no one hour at a time. I am going to remain prayerful and open minded and receptive to my new life.

On that note – I have been keeping a secret. Its an amazing secret that stems from the first quarter of my year. Its a big one, and I only ask that you hold on, pray for me and my family, and stay tuned while you witness me totally flip my somewhat normal life up-side-the-hell-down!

I promise to keep you posted and entertained!

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

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