Mother’s Day – MY RANT.

Am I the only one that does not look forward to Mothers Day? I know – they (husband and children) give all of their efforts to make us mom’s happy on Sunday, but sometimes all we really want is to be left the hell alone in our bedrooms with a kindle, a bottle of wine, and the remote.  Again, maybe its me.

If I must be bothered, I want to do something different. Not the wait for 45 minutes at the local Olive Garden with my husband, kid, in-laws, and my mother  – Dante please don’t do that to me.  This year lets do something unorthodox.  Lets rent some touring bikes and ride down the North Shore Trail. Lets go see the Lake Forest Showhouse, or instead of going out to eat lets go out to drink! – Nothing hard, just a glass of wine or 5. Lets rent a pre 1970 movie and admire how simple it was to entertain people decades ago. – Just my 2 cents.

Now fellas here is a word about the gifts:

If you are going to give a card, we would love a home made one. Something that no one else owns. Kids are great for that – husbands not so much. Flowers die. But if you are going to give flowers make sure they are not edible. I.E. that weird edible fruit. I don’t like when things masquerade as something else.  Fruit is fruit and flowers are flowers – don’t get it twisted. But a nice flower arrangement would something that I can put on my table-scape that does not look like it was delivered, but cut fresh from a garden. Cupcakes are always acceptable.

Men, if you need get your cool ideas for some last minute out the box gifts for your ‘Baby’s Mamma’ (sorry I had to say it! LOL) check out the list below:

This one is a favorite, but she will not get it on Mothers Day……

For the Crafty Mom:

life planner

Erin Condren Life Planner

A Cute Life Planner. This Planner is not just a calendar. I has lists, stickers, pens, and a rainbow palette to keep the women in your life organized and inspired. It is personalized fellas, so you will not have it your hands by Sunday, but I am sure she would love it.

For the Adventurous Mom:


Sky Diving Girt Certificate

Sky Diving. I know some of you are thinking…Why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good functioning airplane?  But believe it or not some of the ladies do seek adventure, and there are very few (legal) ways to get that in.

For The Romantic:

Keno Drive In

A date at the Drive In Movies. Drive ins are so throw back, but they are ridiculously fun, especially if your woman is begging for a little more romance in her life.

For the Busy Woman

Springbrook Wellness Spa

A spa day. I know this one is not at all out of the ordinary, but for  a woman that seems to go and do for everyone else in her life, this would be a total curve ball for her.

For the Super Diva

shopping spree fashion showJPG

Tickets to a Fashion Show, followed by shopping. Guys- if you have a diva in your life a fashion show is an ultimate experience. Espcially if you chase it with shopping.

So there you have it – Out of the box ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. You can thank me later.

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My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

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  1. Sister, all I can say is that you are crazy!!! By the way Edible Arrangements are absolutely delicious and more nutritious than a cupcake, just saying. Happy Mothers Day


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