Chair Hall of Fame. Chairs that Go ANYWHERE

Hey All. Been super busy traveling and shooting promos for HGTV STAR!!! Yep it comes on Sunday night 8/7c on HGTV. I am excited, as this show is one of the most watched (and anticipated) on the network. In the flurry of emails, projects, airports, life, and a couple of needed lattes I managed to compile a list for my chair hall of fame. My friend Katie who helps me put these together was banging her head sending me submissions and picks for this. So… I selected the chairs that have one thing in common. They are so neutral they can literally live anywhere. Yes. ANYWHERE.












There you are peeps. My picks for my current chair HOF list. What do you think???? Which are your favorites? Do you have any to add to my next list?


Stay Blessed

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist





P.S. Remember to keep voting for your fan favorite on HGTV. Here:

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