HGTV Star Episode 1 Recap.

I admit, I have spent the better part of last night on twitter reading the good the bad and the UGLY of last nights HGTV Star Episode! Damn ya’ll people are mean out there! The EPIsode was EPIcentered around the bedding scandal. The scandal basically was – It did not show up after she sent Boris to claim it. I really do not believe that Boris did that on purpose. I heard that there were other things missing from that truck – including Annes bedding. Everyone else just made due without their furnishings.

Now back to the spaces and the pictures (and my commentary):

Up First Tylor:HSTAR801_Tylor-Measures-Draperies_v_lg

I really really thought they were shovels! Industrial ones.


Overall – I liked the space. It felt more like a room than a moment which is what a vignette is. My favorite part about it was the color selection. It seemed very male.

Next: Tobin


I worked next to him the entire time and I was feeling the wall treatment. When I saw David walk past the space he did a double take. I thought for sure (pre-furnished) his was going to be in the top. I think the furnishing selection is where it took a turn.


Basically Tobin was not even feeling it. It did not come out as he had envisioned.

Next: Anne


The graphic on the wall was dope. That graphic in Brook’s pink color, and her bedding – would have put her on the top.


Anne is boss when it comes to design and business. I did not think that this space summed her up.



Overall – I liked the room. My favorite parts about this room was the wallpaper and the bird! Which she should be pist because Sir Serendipiteau – got zero air time!


Peep him in the back. Looking at this from this vantage point it looks a lot better than what they showed on TV. It was overall very Jessie.



My favorite part: The clock. If it was not his initials I would have that in my house. Overall excellent room!




First: I do not think that he is the villian. I know this dude and I really do not think he purposely left the bedding. He even had items missing from his space. Now that I got that off my chest on to his room:


Loved the molding, loved the light fixture. I would kill for that light fixture. Not crazy about the fabric on the chairs and I wish those paintings would have popped more on camera. Boris – If you are reading this please call me and leave the words “comfortable luxury” and “chandelier” on my voice mail – its a special request from my son!



Brooks may be the most interesting person I know – His wallpaper was PHAT,



Overall – It was good, not my style but good. I think the animals were overkill – 2 would have been enough. Several thinks I would own. The light fixture, the mirror, and that fabulous wallpaper!



This girl hit the nail on the head. And the impressive part. She put this s#it together in like 30 minutes. – That is when her truck arrived. 30 minutes before time was called!


My favorite part was the sofa, the rug, and lighting. I was not to crazy about the inkblots – but again it nailed her style.



Chica – she knew. She knew this was not her style. My friend is bolder than this. She wanted more color. My brother loves when she says that word “Color” ;-).


Now- there are some things I am feeling about this space… That ART! I need that in a large scale! She hand painted over her custom fabric, which was a stroke of genius!

Tiffany – well me!






As I said in the episode: “Classic with a pop of fabulous!” ” I love my office – I would not change anything about it.” and I mean it. I am still a tad sad that I did not go into evaluation on top. I am basically thinking that Jessie, Tylor and I were in 5, 6, 7th place. Sigh.

The winner: Brooks – Genevieve proposed marriage to him.

The boot was given to Tobin. We missed him in the house only knowing him for a couple of days and all.


Well people chime in. I want to know your thoughts. How do you like everyones finished spaces? YOUR REAL THOUGHTS!


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Your Chicago Interior Designer/HGTV Star Finalist

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

17 replies

  1. Tiffany, I watched–not enough of you! Loved your design–would love to know the different personalities involved. I’m sure we’ll see more as we progress. Best to you!


  2. You are the most. I will take your lead and not say anything negative about any of the “rooms”. Some rooms I couldn’t see myself in at all and yet every designer had a smashing good piece that told people to lift the rules and use interesting focal points and colors.


  3. I only like a few rooms. I do not have any bad comments. I know each contestant put their all in their work. The artist work is reflective of their own personality and character. Wish you all the best. Tiffany Brooks was the best. I guess cause it more of my taste. It contemporary, modern, chic, classy and bold!


  4. Great job Tiffany! We are all cheering you on and wishing you the best…I cannot wait to see future episodes. Your office space was so classy, yet inviting. I actually just cued up the segment to show Siena and she is mesmorized!! She just yelled, “Miss Tiffany!”


  5. I LOVE seeing you on TV and will never stop bragging that my rooms are on your website!! You were amazing before…and you’ll just become more amazing with this opportunity. Sooooo glad to see you in this light. You are the best!! And, I AM flying you to NC to decorate my new house when I’m settled!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Tiff,

    All that personality, talent and good looks is probably illegal in 48 states. You flat out rock. I love it. By the way Tiff, Boris ……..


  7. Love your work Tiffany. You are an awesome designer. Never knew until now. If I ever own a house, you will be my designer !! Waiting to see more of you.


  8. Loved your space! It was truly Tiff! But my favorite was Jessie. I love that peacock and I love the color in Cris’s work!!! I have a little Tiffany in my home already and I love that my space is “Feautured”! Hopefully soon ill be able to have some more Tiffany in my home. I miss you and Dante! Continue to WOW them Tiff. You are AWESOME!!!!!


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