A REALLY Girlie Bedroom.

Hotel living SUCKS. Every damn thing around me is mustard with a pop of beige. For a Hilton where the lobby is spectacular  the room is heinous. So I dug this bedroom up to post photos from it for two reasons: 1 – I am surrounded in horribleness 2 – As a reminder to myself that I need to make my real bedroom as fabulous as I claim to be. There is also a 3rd reason. I want to sell my husband on hot pink.

room-feature-always-inspired-blog room-feature-always-inspired Room-Feature

So what do you think – can I sell my husband on a hot pink headboard, and black and white? Is this bedroom your style? Or you can just tell me how you are feeling on this gloomy Thursday!

Your Chicago Interior Designer/Season 8 HGTV Star Finalist

Tiffany B.

P.S. Have you voted? Please do because at this point I am almost at the point of begging. Go here to vote for me as your fan favorite: fanvote.hgtv.com

1 reply

  1. I don’t usually like pinks but I really love that headboard. Our bedroom is black and white with splashes of red. You’re a fabulous designer so I’m sure you’ll be able to whip up something that the Mister will totally agree with…even in pink. Good luck and I’ve been voting! Make us proud Tiff!!


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