Glass Shelving & A Word About HGTV Star

So I maybe inlove all over again. I know its a little modern but I just really love it. I see it in a girly eclectic office space or in a super clean lined bachelor bad living room. That’s just what literally popped in my head. HA. I just thought it was  cool and different!


You-and-Your-Decor---Delphi-by-Sovet-Shelving-02 You-and-Your-Decor---Delphi-by-Sovet-Shelving-04 You-and-Your-Decor---Delphi-by-Sovet-Shelving-05 You-and-Your-Decor---Delphi-by-Sovet-Shelving-06 You-and-Your-Decor---Delphi-by-Sovet-Shelving-07

If (or when) I purchase (or make) shelving like this I would definitely style it with vintage. Sometimes when you have edgey/cold modern you need to soften it up with some old school pieces to bring it down to livable. Oh – and also you gotta paint to make the look less frigid. Get more info here:

So are you feeling the shelves? Or is it taking you back to a frigid bad dream?

Be Easy

Your Chicago Interior Designer/HGTV Star Finalist

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist


I am still in shock about Episode 2 the other night and I am prepping a REAL recap on what REALLY happened behind the scenes.

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