Americana Chic.

I have a new term: Americana Chic. I have been working on a home in Minneapolis for the past week (more later) and the homeowners are all about the culture of the Midwest American life style. We are talking lodge, air, woods, natural elements and taxidermy, basically that simplicity of life that made this country an original. While I was composing a moodboard I dreamt up a the term Americana Chic.


blue chairs room shot 2 room shot taxidery ThomFilica thomFilica2 ThomFilica4 ThomFilicia

Americana chic is all about simplicity, and then you add that dose of fabulous. It is using natural elements: Air, water, earth, wood as an inspiration, then glossing it up by adding a touch of bling though the use of a faux, yet pretentious element that looks like it does not belong. A wonderful fabric/wallpaper, modern light fixture, fake taxidermy, or a contemporary piece of furniture or metal. Thom Filicia and his book American Beauty, are a great resource for the feel I am talking about.

So tell me your thoughts. Are you feeling this style? I wanna hear from you!

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