Sunday Inspiration. Celebrity House Tour.

Don’t you love a great celeb. house tour? Here are some great photos from Domaine Home of Jessica Albas House.


dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-03This is a great example of fearless layering. She bought what she loved and showcased her finds.

dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-neww-17 dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-new-08

I love this phrase “Random Things”

dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-new-07 dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-21 dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-19 dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-18

dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-15This space would inspire any child.

dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-14 dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-13


Perfection in styling a bookshelf.

dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-11 dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-10

This space works because the sofa wants to be sat on, and the fabrics used makes absolutely no sense what so ever – Just Random.dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-09 dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-06 dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-05 dh-home-tour-jessica-alba-slidesnew-04











Hope this inspires you like it did me!

Oh! Dont forget to watch Episode 5 of HGTV Star tonight at 8/7c!

Your Chicago Interior Designer & HGTV Star Finalist

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

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