Art on a Dime

Well more than a dime, how about art for a DIY. I wanted to write this post to remind  inspire people that DIY art is okay! We all are creatives masked by corporate jobs and why not put something on display that we made with our own two hands?

I get a lot of “re-pins” on this HGTV Portfolio picture:lisa

But what most people do not know is that large photo in the middle is a DIY project. So are these:_M0C8873-Edit

One of the biggest impacts in this scene is the silhouette and the hands. Both projects were done or re-invented by yours truly!

An amazing source of inspiration is Pinterest. I snagged these images to get your creative juices flowing on how to make art with your own two hands and make it look classy. Or in other words, make it look like you shelled out some big money.

3d on your walls

This one is gorgeous! The creator took ceiling medallions and craft circles glued them to the wall, then painted the entire wall a single color! Brilliant!

Arrange it all

I love a great gallery wall, and this is it. I especially love collecting children’s drawings, charcoal sketches, and pages from vintage books to make a great wall come together.

Chevron Painting

This DIY’er took painters tape (mixed widths) and used them to create a chevron pattern, then went to town with a collection of 5 varying paint colors.

scrapbook paper silhouttes

A great way to use scrapbook paper for silhouettes in a kids room.

Style via pinterest

This grid wall are all photos styled using those Instagram filters. A great google application I found to get this look is at

Vintage Frame collection

This is so simple and stunning. Use empty flea market frames on top a delish paint color to add sculpture to a wall.


Water colors! This one is stylish and simple. Use varying watercolors to create a one of a kind piece.

Wood Silhouttes

Anyone who follows me knows that I am a sucker for silhouettes. And painting over wood grain technique is one that I have never seen done. But it is a stunner!

If you have any links to DIY art ideas that you love please share them below.

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