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Tiffany Brooks & You and Your Decor’s mission is to create stunning living environments that encompass their clients’ individual needs. Tiffany and her team aim to keep the interior design process refreshing, modern and straightforward. Furnishings and textiles are an unexpected mix of modern and classic, fused with contrasting uses of color and bold patterns to bring an eclectic blend of sophistication and eccentricity to the finished interiors they design.

Interested in becoming a client of Tiffany Brooks’? Complete this brief questionnaire to schedule your complementary phone consultation.

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  1. I’m so inspired by you! I actually cried with you when you won! I so interesting in getting into the design business ;however i’m currently studying for my Master’s and writting a book. If you are interested in allowing me to shadow you. I’ll do it for free to get the expereince!


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