Tips on Using Those 50 Shades of Gray

It’s obvious that grey is the neutral of choice right now for most homeowners and some uninspired designers alike, but the color can get old real quick. Just like its predecessor beige, it can be hard to bring in the drama. Here are some tips on making grey less…. mundane.

Tip 1: Let Gray Take the Supporting Role

bu Emily Ruddo via houzz

IFrom the design fileIn these two images the homeowner/ designer used gray for what it is. To support the real stars, the fuchsias, sea glass blues, and mustard tones.

Tip 2: Electrify It:

From Houzz from the decoist neon-pink-office-decor2 houzz via Cyntha Mason Interiors

Neons are so hot right now. And it is absolute magic when it is paired with a subdued hue like gray.

Tip 3: Use It In Smaller Doses:

by Melanie Coddington via Houzz

with dope patterns

In these two images the gray is brought in to ground the room, versus having every single wall bathed in it.

Tip 4: (My Fav) Paint The Woodwork With It:

on the woodwork home-decorating-ideas-monique-lhuillier-ED07-12-lgn just on the woods

on the cabinetry with that one oddball

I am a huge fan of gray on the wood work. It is so unexpected yet still timeless. Especially in that kitchen, with that candy red oven. O-M-G!

So are you a fan of the grays? If so just make sure you rock it right.

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

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Tiffany Brooks

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