Sunday Inspiration. A Peek Inside Fashion Designers Home.

I admit it’s a thrill to go inside homes of fashion designers and other interior designers. I am always interested to see if their spots are as stylish as they convey to the world. Or better yet does their style translate into their lifestyle. Meet Johnson Hartig.


via Elle

And his home…


SKMBT_C25007082008451_edited johnson-hartig-cfda-fashion-at-home 31110599 31110590

Ok – This dudes house is a subdued version of his clothing line. Maybe it appears to be subdued because the canvas is much more vast than a females body. I digress – the house is cold! He describes his home as “Mediterranean Bungalow” possibly because it’s located in Cali?… Anywho, I know I am feeling those white floors, those black and white chairs, and especially that large round canvas in his living room. It makes me wanna have Ayden crank up his Spin Art toy and make is mamma a masterpiece!

Your Interior Designer/HGTV Star Host


My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist





Tiffany Brooks



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