Workbook – 12 Steps to Designing Your Interiors

Have you ever wondered… How do they do it? I am talking about the interior designers that are so fabulous and have endless ideas about how everyone’s home needs to look to be chic. It all seems so effortless, and there you are not even able to select a paint color! Well folks here it is. A guide on how designers “do it”.

My workbook 12 Steps To Designing Your Interiors.

12 Steps To Designing

Not only do you get a how to guide on how to put together your perfect room, but you also get worksheets, bonus sections, and guides.

Not only do I walk though the detailed process designing your interior, I also go over:

  • how to use all that inspiration you have gathered on sites like HOUZZ
  • using color and textiles to plan your selections
  • designing with function in mind
  • how to complete a floor plan and elevations
  • budgeting your project and execution
  • many more ideas, steps and the process that interior designers actually use to design homes


This easy to read workbook will help you design your home step by step at your own pace.

Get the workbook for ONLY $24.90!

Your AMAZINGLY GENEROUS, All Around Friendly, Interior Designer

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

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 Do you already own a copy? I would love to hear what you think  – leave me your thoughts in the comments section.

2 replies

  1. Wow, Tiffany, this is really good! I didn’t “have time” to read this right now, but I ended up reading the whole thing. Next thing you know, I’ll be doing something about it…

    This makes it so understandable, even for this design dork. I love the worksheets and sample layouts!!!


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