7 Amazing Reasons You Should Have White Walls

by: Jeffrey-Allan-Marks

by: Jeffrey-Allan-Marks

The super talented Megawatt designers swear by white walls. I don’ consider my self megawatt by any means however I do have a tiny bit of design swag.

As a professional, I get excited by the entire homes I get to makeover, I have some clients that I have been working with for over a year on their houses. However, it becomes deflating when I get called for a paint consultation and there are clearly so many more design offenses than just the color of the walls.

Being my helpful self, I came up with a handy-dandy guide of paint colors (check the guides section of this site) and in a little over a year we are well over 3000 downloads! So my color conflicted friends that proves some things…. 1) Paint colors really are the downfall of some otherwise great potential design and 2)Folks really value my opinion – just kidding. However back to my first point – people will literally live in a room they hate, color and all, just because they cannot decide on a paint color.

I do know that the color of the wall makes a big impact on a room’s esthetic, but I also know that there are other important issues to be tackled such as scale and lighting. So instead of living unhappy lets bring it back to the basics… What about using WHITE?

I am not talking about the primer white, that your apartment superintendent or builder gives you. I am talking about a well thought out white. Let me tell you why

1st Reason to use white: You Can Show Off Your Stuff Better

by: Richard Mishaan via Elle Decor

by: Richard Mishaan via Elle Decor

If you are a collector, or just simply love awesome, sculptural furnishings and art there is no other color like white to have in the background. The exact reason why art galleries use it.

Number 2: It’s A Lot Easier to Get Right.

shelly morris

There are a gabillion and a half other hues out there, just ask the friendly people at Pantone, however a very few great whites. Some faves that have been referenced by the pros are: Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, China White, Linen White, and Mascarpone. My trick to pulling off an all white room is to use darker whites on the flooring, medium whites on the walls, and the lightest whites on the ceiling and trim.

Number 4: White is Timeless

by: Darryl Carter

by: Darryl Carter

Darryl Carter

By: Darryl Carter

Well it is. You show me a timeless color other than white, or black, I will show you a fish that flies.

Reason 5: It Is Very Casual.


One of the best movie set designs out there is on “Something’s Gotta Give. It is the epitome of casual. And what do know – It flaunts the perfect shade of white.

Reason 6: It is Easier To Be Eclectic.

Betsy Bunham

By: Betsy Bunham

It’s one of the few colors that can successfully cross that design color line into all definable styles. Its universal.

Reason 7: Because You Love Color.

By: Jonathan Adler

By: Jonathan Adler

By: Jonathan Adler

By: Jonathan Adler

Yes, you read that right. Paint your walls white because you love color and want to show it off. When people tell me what their favorite color is, I use it. It creates a better impact visually to pick up that color in the furniture than on the walls. If you love pink, that does not mean that you would slather Pepto Bismol on your walls would you?  Didn’t think so.

Your Interior Designer/HGTV Host

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

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