Bedroom Before and After.

80% of the time I work on projects all over the country. I call these eDesigns. I offer this option to people who want design services, or a “designer EYE” however have a limited budget, they would rather complete the work on their own, they want to work in phases. Whatever the reason this package seems to work for people on so many levels. The homeowners give me the measurements, photos, and  video of the space, sprinkle in a little inspiration with spaces they love, and I create.

One of the ones I just completed I fell in love with. I typically fall in love with the homeowners but this design had me a tad more elated than usual.

This couple stays in the West Loop in Chicago, they are about mid to upper 20 something, and they are ENGAGED! They are merging households into his condo, and have no clue where to begin. So we decided to begin in the BEDROOM!!!

Here is what they sent me:

Before 1

Before 1

Before 2

Before 2

Wow. I know… Wow.

This couple is super cute, super stylish and to top it off they are about to be newlyweds. They deserved a lil sometin – sometin going on in their new bedroom, quite a bit more, well just more than what they have now.

Here is what we came up with:

Arti Bedroom Design Book.001-001 Arti Bedroom Design Book.004-001 Arti Bedroom Design Book.002-001 Arti Bedroom Design Book.007-001

Arti Bedroom Design Book.005-001

Looks great on paper right? I think so. This took approximately 25 hours to research, dream up, and create.  I gave them a special set of notes/instructions and a shopping list, and they are now happily sourcing for their new boudoir.  Completing a bedroom (which happens to be my favorite room) makes me giggle a little bit inside.

Wanna see my “Proposed After”?.

Yup, I also send my eDesign clients renderings of how the room will look if they follow my instructions.

Remember the before?

Before 1

Before 1

Here is what the after will look like!

Here is what the after will look like!

Here is the other angle:

Before 2

Before 2

And the other After

After Image 2

After Image 2


They loved it. I got an email last night from the happy couple letting me know how pumped they were to get going on this project.

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  1. Good Morning! Looking at some of your design ideas and your guide I thought I was set on my earth tone designs, but now I think I like the grays and plums together. Thanks for throwing a wrench in my master plan Tiffany! Great info, thanks for sharing 🙂


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