Follow your HeartBURN.

Before being fully self-employed, Labor Day was just another  Monday I had off when I worked in corporate america.  With nothing to else do, I always found myself doing 3 things –  The first was wishing I could rewind time and make it Friday evening again, second – wanting some BBQ, and lastly, evaluating where I was, and trying to find a way to turn my talents into a paid career.

With 2 transplants, a pregnancy that almost killed me, and a horrifying car accident behind me this has turned me into a graduating student in the school of LIFE IS JUST TOO DAMN SHORT! . I have it burned into my frontal lobes that tomorrow is not promised. To Anyone. Period.

Yep- In 2005 I was in the drivers seat, when I was sideswiped causing my car to flip over 3x on HWY 41.

Yep- In 2005 I was in the drivers seat, when I was sideswiped causing my car to flip over 3x on HWY 41.

I had a revelation yesterday that almost everyone that I know is painfully unaware of that.  The people that I am surrounded by have so much light, and are my natural go-to’s for ideas and encouragement. However they seem so discouraged about their life situations.  What I am saying is that they root for me and for others, but at the same time it seems that they cannot say one cheer for themselves.

Recently, I had coffee with my girlfriend. Now to me homegirl HAS IT ALL! She is gorgeous, has a position at a company people would kill for, married to someone who adores her, has creativity that can run circles around mine, and to top it off, she came to coffee wearing these killah red pumps that she found for under $50.00! What the hell?!

We shot the breeze and caught up with all that was happening with my life and in hers, and she revealed to me that she is not happy. Eye-squint-lean-in-moment…. She let me know that there is something, that we compared to a ‘heartburn’ like feeling that she wakes up to everyday. That feeling is telling her that she is not doing what she was created to do. She knows that she was created to help people. Especially women and teens. She wants to help them find their “inner fabulousness.”  She also has the gift of event management. Which she later told me that when she gets to plan weddings it makes her feel alive inside.

But everyday – day after day – she wakes up to a feeling of dread.  WOW.

I thought about this on my way home. I am surrounded by people who have encouraged me to work for myself, and follow my dreams, but yet they remained imprisoned by their own situations. Including my husband, I thought of no less than a dozen people with obvious talents, that want desperately to change where they are in life, but keep waking up and doing the same thing over, and over.

Now, Two things I am sure of: 1)more than likely you are in this same situation. AND 2) I have no flipping idea on how to help these people I love the most in my world.

What do you tell a person, who does not have joy in what they do, or go through life on empty? There are the obvious things, prayer, journaling, etc.

Then what?

How do you leave the world behind and what it expects of you to follow your own heartburn?

What is your heartburn? Are you one of these people, who wakeup to DREAD? Or, have you jumped into your bliss?

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Well – Since our conversation my girlfriend has set a date of October 1st – to see whats up with that HeartBurn of hers! She has a plan, and a passion, and enough fabulousness to go around! I wish her the absolute best!

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  1. I too wake up daily with that heartburn. You’ve got to follow your dreams by sowing into what you are passionate about. That’s the only way to quench the fire of the BURN. Do what you are passionate about (which is intertwined with your gifts & talents); and go where your passion takes you.


  2. I’m with ya on this one and here’s something that I’ve found in my situation.
    I live in a small rural town of around 500 people. In the place I live, your either a farmer, dairyman, Or you work at the local cheese plant, which I do but I work in a special part of it where there’s only 4 people total and we run our own 15 million dollar plant and get paid to become certified by the state etc etc which will eventually lead to a state job and a list of certifications that could lead me anywhere in the world as an industrial or municipal waste water operator.
    My #1 in life though is ministry. I love helping people and being there for people, pointing them to Christ and watching them blossom into a new kind of happiness and love.
    So with those 2 thins conflicting in my life about a month or 3 ago I was ready to quit so that I could make more time for ministry but my wife doesn’t work because she raises our 3 kids, and so I realized that was a hasty move and ended up finding myself in prayer ALOT about what the heck this trap I was in was all about.
    God opened my eyes to the fact that where I am now is not only a place I prayed to be before I got here, but its also the best way for me to do ministry stuff at the moment until my kids are at least all old enough to be in school so that my wife can add a second income.
    I have the time to write sermons, write music, be on a computer or phone so that I can witness and basically free reign to any random vacation day I could ever need. I’m basically my own boss and have a promising career ahead of me that isn’t perfect, but will pay very well.
    So I’ve learned that where I want to be, I already am and even though the grass is greener on the other side, Gods been building a mansion right here the whole time. I’m not giving up hope on my “heartburn” but am utilizing my current situation in order to be able to “water the grass on this side of the fence” because grass is green everywhere when you take the time appreciate it where your at.
    God is good and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dream of more at times but I realize Gods plan for everyone is different and unique.


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