My Top 10 Reasons Why Your Room Might Be Embarrassing.

I am not trying to put anyone on blast but since we are on the subject of Embarrassing Rooms I wanted to take the next couple of days to point some things out. Not any of us are free from having an embarrassing room at one point or another. Some of us just handle it differently.

Some folks just choose to tuck their tail between their legs and live with it, and the other half of us, have NO CLUE how bad our homes really are. I see embarrassing spaces all of the time. No, not from my clients that have called me and taken the first step to solving the underlying design issues, but from acquaintances, friends, and relatives.

Most of these situations are just not right. These people know that there is something off with the space, but its like they just don’t want to admit it. Here are my 1st half of offenses.

#10 – Why is ALL of Your Furniture Against the Wall?


This one impacts so many innocent people. They have no clue where to put their sofas in layouts where the wall space is not determined. But your guest should not feel like they were invited to a 90’s house dance party when they come to visit! Here is some advice on how to float your furniture.

#9 Really, NO REALLY Bad Art.

art  3 art 1 art

art 4

Sigh. This one is hard because art is subjective. That means that the piece of art means something entirely different to every person or viewer. But one thing that art should not be is scary as hell! I should not want to fight the urge to tweet pics of your poorly executed wall decor to all of my followers. For you offenders the only advice that I can offer is to ask your neighbors, spouse, or friends what feelings they derive from your art selections.

#8 Horrible Bathroom Decor

bad shower curtain 2 bad shower curtains 3 bad shower curtains

If you have ever went into someones bathroom, and literally burst into laughter when you were sitting on the commode – the owner may have horrible bathroom decor.  For this offense, there is no explainable excuse because we have so may bathroom decor options at our avail. Some help, I mean ideas on executing your bath decor.

#7 You have not TOUCHED Your Decor in 30 Years.

the 80's 3 the 80's 4 the 80's

If you are waiting for a rerun of The Facts of Life to Come on TV, while your Delorian is being detailed – I bet my paycheck that your house looks like the above photos. I can’t. I really have no advice if you are still stuck here. As a side note there are some really cool 80’s design; It’s just that faded teal and mauve are not part of it.

#6 Out of Control Collections

collections 3 Collections collections2

We get it. You adore your kids, and their ability to pin someone in mere seconds, or you love American Indian Artifacts but displaying every single last one of your trophies is unacceptable. People just don’t want to see that.  In the end, it TAKES AWAY from how special your prize is. I actually touch on this issue on Saturdays episode of Most Embarrassing Rooms In America.

Check back in Tomorrow for my top 5 Reasons Why Your Room Might Be Embarrassing.

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

Set your DVRs for Saturday. Most Embarrassing Rooms in America premiers at 2/1c on HGTV

All Room images were found here:

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