10 Reasons Why Your Room Might Be Embarrassing – Dante’s Take

Hey everyone, this is Dante, Tiff’s husband again. Tiff is insanely busy and asked me to finish up posting for her today. She did her blog yesterday on why your room might be embarrassing.  She did the bottom reasons numbers 10-6. Well, I’m here to do my 5-1. Let’s kick it off.

#5 Fake Flowers

fake plant 2

fake plant 1

While i’m all for plants in your home, if they are alive. They can really add some life to your space. But when you do the fake plant thing, it’s one of the ugliest things ever. I wish I had something real funny to say about it, but it’s no laughing matter. Before I post #4, i’m going to go throw ours away…

#4 Pain In The Paneling – Wood Paneling that is.

wood walls 2

wood walls 1

Ok, i’m back.

This is horrible. I understand if someone died and left you a house and the wood panel walls were there, but anyone who actually chose to put this on their walls needs to be thrown in a pool of wood chips. Ok, that’s harsh.

#3 Windows gone wrong

windows 1

Seriously people.  If you don’t have the cash to buy curtains, AT LEAST go to Walmart and get those plastic blinds. STOP hanging sheets over your windows. Look at these in this pic. The room is already a bleeping mess. Then you add the wild kingdom sheets over the windows… STOP IT!                  STOP IT!

#2 Messy Rooms

In this case I had t pic on the girls who take their modeling portfolio pics in their rooms. Yeah, I think Americas Next Top Model casting agents will surely look past the dirty clothes and plates from yesterdays lunch and ask you to come be on the show.


No one notices you!!! We’re all wondering why you’re so messy! Remember that episode of Friends when Ross went home with that chick. They walk into her place and everything was everywhere? And Ross left as fast as he could because he though there was something living in the couch that he was sitting on? That will be you if you don’t keep your room clean!

messy rooms 4



Packers rooms

THIS IS FUT BUGLY!! Whoever does this to their room need to be kicked through the uprights! I mean, look at it! This is a crime, sham, and a travesty! How does anyone expect to bring a girl into their room and expect her to wanna stay in there? I’m throwing the flag on this one!

That’s it for me. If you want to see Tiffany take some embarrassing rooms and do something about them…

WATCH Saturday (Tomorrow).

Most Embarrassing Rooms in America premiers at 2/1c on HGTV

Some room images were found here: http://uglyhousephotos.com/wordpress/

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