Sunday Inspiration. The Black Apartment.

A tour of this interior/product design work of art. Completed in 2008 The Black Apartment by Stefan Boublil. Photographer Michael Weber.

7c046f2f3039a4db6f0e1dde6a1ef14f 30b5fd4a193d8f38f244be1214dffa9c 32b4e45041f6279f76c23a74f92ed16a 67dcbcadfcfa48b782d461a0c629644d 69eb387eb7d42e5dda72afcffd94c139 87b337b06b01442ebf04ff290d6537bf 894e25e0be9908bd2c5cf9959360ece4 212267a3ea822dfb755405e46804389a 858964042104b17c66311c5d4913d7d8 808761220497638 808761220497731 by stefan boublil Stefan Boublil The Black Apartment bt Stefan Boublil

Stay Blessed.

My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

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