Guest Post – Street Art.

Hey people. It’s Dante again. Tiff is so busy being an HGTV host/Interior Designer now that she feels that I have nothing to do. So she asks me to blog for her again. So not only do I have to work on my own blog… …but now I have to have a reoccurring role on

Who am I kidding, I don’t mind. I’m mega proud of my wife and what she has accomplished. So I will blog for her with happiness. But I will blog about what I want to blog about. So, here we go.

Street art.

When you think street art, you usually think, graffiti writing. But there is some different kind of street art out there besides the New York style graffiti art. Check it out.

World War Z, Zombie Apocalypse? Courtesy of unurt.hcom

This one is in video form, but it is mega dope. Just click play and see what I mean. I also found this on unurt.hcom.

<p><a href=”″>TIMING IS EVERYTHING</a> from <a href=””>ABOVE</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

This one, yes from http://www.unurt.hcom, is called Platforms and the artist is Aakash Nihalani

This is dope to me because I think the 3D looking art is fresh because it looks like the stuff is really there. In this pic, the person took a picture as if he was jumping on these spray painted platforms. Pretty cool.

Ok, this one, also from unurt.hcom, is creepy dope. Imagine walking past this on the street. You’ll be like Stewie Griffen was every time he saw the Queen “News Of The World” album cover.

This is how one might freak out

Now what ever town allowed an artist to do this is mega awesome and we need to move there! Courtesy of

This one is real dope. I like how the artist used the elements that were already there to create a real ILL piece of art! Courtesy of


These are done uLiveandYouBurn. They just take different elements and turn them into monster looking art. Courtesy of

This one is from my blog, This is in Bristol. It is done by an artist named Cosmo Sarson. It was inspired by an event where a polish break dance crew danced for Pope John Paul in Rome in 2004.

So there you have it. My blog of interesting street art. I hope you enjoyed the visuals. Maybe you were inspired to get some dope street art put on your walls in your home.

Be blessed!

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