Question. Are Entertainment Centers Played Out?

I OFTEN get good questions in my inbox or via social media. This one was a great one to post.

Hey Tiff: Quick question… Are entertainment centers out of style? I don’t have one right now, but thinking of getting one… more for storage in my apartment? Although I’ve seen some nice sleek, and modern centers. What do you think? 

-Shamika F.

Ok. this answer actually can be divided into 2. Yes. and No.

Shamika (and others wondering the same damn thing) There are some really, good ones and some really bad ones out there. Lets start with the terrible…

from Best Buy

Ok – I just threw up in my mouth. This one is pretty bad. Its fake oak, and 80’s ugly, and I just want to stop looking at it before I get violently ill. The lesson to learn in this is  – NOT TO PURCHASE FURNITURE FROM BEST BUY. They sell electronics not furniture.

From Wayfair

This one is a close second on the horrendous chart. Its made of steel? I think. What ever it is made of it’s a don’t.

Shamika, here are some options that are easier on the eyes:

by Candelabra

This one is nice because it actually looks like stylish furniture. It also transitions pretty darn good into a buffet for your dining room.


Another great option. I love it, because you can actually style it to look more personal, and less “media-y”.

Custom entertainment center by Jeffers Design Group

Custom entertainment center by Jeffers Design Group

by Candice Olson

LOVE THESE. If the entertainment center budget allows, go for something that is smart, works hard like these two, and built in. Steel chests like these can be found at Restoration Hardware.

Wisteria Home

Last but not my least. I am an absolute sucker for rooms with vintage chest of drawers as their media storage solutions. I know its not depicted here, but mounting a tv on this and styling it properly can make for a stunner!

So there you have it The good, the bad and the disgusting of entertainment centers.


My top 10 striped rooms. By Tiffany Brooks Chicago Interior Designer * Interior Stylist

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  1. Thank you soooo much Tiffany!!!! I have a glass and cherry oak wood finish tv stand for my flat screen right now. I love the idea about the dinner buffet option. I’ve seen this in a family members home and it works out great for storage for them. I appreciate you taking the time to show me right from wrong. 🙂 Big hug!


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