Great Question: Decorating the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating question… 
Wondering if it’s out of style to decorate the space above your kitchen cabinets?  If it’s still done can you post some pics and provide suggestions on what to use?
– Rachel C. (HGTV fan from Burlington, WI)

All of us (who don’t have those 42″ uppers) are all too familiar with that funky space above the kitchen cabinets. We are left confused and searching online for the perfect solution to decorating that space. Well folks here are my Do’s and Don’ts for up above the kitchen cabinetry.

First the Don’ts

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use silk plants.

Say No to Faux

Say No to Faux

The only time faux is ok, is when it comes to animal matters such as taxidermy! I don’t even understand this push towards silks, They are dusty, and they are masquerading as something perfectly accessible at your local nursery. Just don’t do it.

Do Not Decorate with A Hodgepodge of Crap

Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute!

Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute!

When people decorate with a whole bunch of cluttered crap, I call it pollution. You are polluting your rooms people. And just like throwing trash out of the window, you would not want to clutter your cabinets either. Right? – Right.

Do: Use Collections Of a Common Tread

DO Martha Stewart

From Martha Stewart

I love this look, it is soothing, it make sense, and bonus points for being functional! Things of the like (same color, shape, function) work well together, because your eye does not feel jumbled when looking at it. Its clean, and did I mention that the boxes are functional?

DO Make it Pop with One Color.

DO- One Great BOLD Color

This is an old trick revitalized. Using different objects, with the same color instantly adds style to your mantles, shelves, and yes above those cabinets.

DO Use Photos

DO Framed Photos

From Pinterest

This is how my cabinets are styled, with framed photos from my wedding. I had nothing else to do with the images except for have them end up lost in an album, so I decorated my cocina with them.



From Metropolitan Home


From Houzz

Your have amazing tiling, you love your light fixtures and don;t want to take away from them, I say leave it empty. The decor above the cabinets can be very distracting if you have amazing features in your kitchen already. I say hop off the step ladder and let them shine!

Your HGTV Host & Interior Designer

Tiffany Brooks

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