Your Must Read Guide to Kitchen Islands.

My nephew and his new bride are moving into a loft space next month and they are in the process of adding a lil sumin-sumin to their kitchen. First of all, yep – I am jealous, for a couple reasons. First- its a loft, what new couple doesn’t dream of living in a raw, sexy loft? Second of all I commend them for going it alone. It is the most rewarding feeling , being able to tackle a space, your space, on your own. One of the things they are adding is an island. So even though I am just a casual observer to their transformation, I got an itch to draft of this post for others looking to do the same.

Before you take on adding an Island there are some key things to know first.  The necessary clearances (or space you need around the island for your kitchen to function), the countertop material (make sure that the surface is durable for a kitchen), and the necessary island size needed for the functions of your island.

With the clearance, make sure that the walk way is no less than a 36″ space between the island & your cabinetry.  If you have over 48 – 50″ to walk around, you would want to increase the size of the island that you are considering because that island will seem, well….deserted.

Choosing a surface: Well folks here is where you have to make some tough choices on what you want. All of the available island surfaces can have just as many features as they do drawbacks. This quiz is perfect for helping you to select the perfect surface for your island. BONUS: There is a free printable guide at the end. QUIZ: SELECTING THE BEST COUNTERTOP MATERIAL

Size: Make sure that if you are housing appliances, a sink, stove top, that the island can actually fit the component, and you will still have a worktop, and some surface left for folks, and those wanting part of the action to sit around. i know it’s a no brainer, but it must be said.

Once you get past the technical stuff, you can focus on the design. I am always a fan of selecting an island that is a total left from the rest of the kitchen. For example select a vintage dresser for a contemporary kitchen, or at the very least paint it a totally different color then the surrounding cabinets. If you prefer a more ‘together look” and you are planning on continuing using the existing cabinet material, I suggest picking  an island surface that’s different from the surrounding countertops. The top can then be the stunner in the room. Make sure you collect samples of what you are thinking to see how it looks in your space, and test the durability. Again here is the quiz: SELECTING THE BEST COUNTERTOP MATERIAL – I am in no way getting paid to promote this! LOL

Here is a round-up of some of my favs:

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

From Sarah Richardson

From Sarah Richardson

This Island ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Is one of the sickest that I have seen! LOVE, no, Double-LOVE!

From Sarah Richardson

From Sarah Richardson & House & Home

This DIY Island was born from A Sofa Table - From

This DIY Island was born from A Sofa Table – From

Love the VIntage Vibe From this Island From

Love the VIntage Vibe From this Island From

A Cute Island From Flower Patch Farmgirl Blog

A Cute Island From Flower Patch Farmgirl Blog

Another shot of the same Island…..

Another shot of the cute island

Another shot of the cute island



Thinking of going DIY for your Island? Here is some H-E-L-P

Here is a great link to my friend Dee’s Blog on how to complete one:

Your HGTV Host & Interior Designer

Tiffany Brooks





Does your Home need a little ‘Tiffany’ in its life –

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