Start Underfoot.

Most everyone I start designing for wants me to start by picking a paint color first. It’s crazy when I come and meet people the convo goes “Hi my name is so-and-so what color should I paint my house??” Woah! pump the brakes sister!

Resist the burning urge to select paint first, our choices there are infinite.

So why not start with something a little bit more limiting… like the area rug?  I mean think about it; you want to select objects that are harder to find and more limited in inventory. Now a-days you can find a sofa or chair in any size, shape, or fabric. However finding area rugs to fit your tastes and style can be almost impossible when you have selected everything else in the room. So then when you put together whole room without considering an area rug early, you start to find yourself settling for something solid or something very “blah”.

Below is a glimpse into my process to see how I put a room together by usually selecting the rug first. 

Start Underfoot

Since area was covered such a large area in the room you have to make it memorable. Selecting this first enables you to go for the gusto, and get really ballsy with your selections. Fall in love with the correct area rug that has all the colors that you were planning for your room colors around.  In fact, shopping for an area rug first can even spark the perfect color scheme for your space.

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  1. I am an Urban Bohemian at heart, and I love a mixture of transitional-ethnic-industrial elements. I’ve fallen in love with the low profile style of upholstered furniture, and find it to be equally masculine and feminine enough for my tastes. It will find its way into my nextcapartment, for sure! That’s a bomb (you know what) sofa!


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