The Art of the Mix. Florals and Stripes.

Here is a motif you may have long discarded for your interiors… Florals and Stripes. Well hold up, you may need to rethink them. The look is done to death in fashion, but now with new options in fabrics, rugs, and wallpapers they are now reinvented, bold and stylish. Stripes and Florals

How to Mix Graphic Patterns (Stripes) and Florals

  • F&S 1Use florals as wall papers or on upholstery, while mixing in the graphic patterns on the flooring and area rugs. Using these materials in large doses will give you a big visual impact.
  • You can lessen the impact by settling on 2-3 colors in the overall scheme.
  • If you are nervous about going “all out” try mixing up the two patterns in smaller doses; such as pillows, decorative boxes, or on your throw blankets.


  • When mixing graphic patterns and florals make sure you choose your colors wisely. A nice graphic that goes with any floral is a striking black-and-white pattern, such as a black and white geometric or a stripe.
  • If your floral pattern is more neutral such as a taupe or gray make sure you go bolder with the colors of your graphic patterns. You can use color such as magentas, teals. or yellows.

When done right, the layering of graphic stripes and florals are both adorable yet sophisticated and polished.

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host

Tiffany Brooks

3 replies

  1. I never thought floral prints & stripes can look so nice! I suppose the trick is to keep it balanced and not over-doing stuff. The outcome is so good to the eyes. But what do u think, how much Floral & Stripes pattern is just going to be right?


  2. Floral prints and stripes are really in fashion these days! Its is a great idea to incorporate them home decor as well! The fuchsia lamp shades create a color block against the floral wallpaper giving it the perfect breather it required. If they were not placed the table and wallpaper would have been merged into reach other! The lamps have added the much needed depth and element! Looks simply fantastic! 🙂


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