My Top Tips for Pulling off the Perfect Halloween Party

My Top Tips for Pulling off the Perfect All Halloween Party!!!

Tips on Throwing a Memorable Halloween Party

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Tiffany’s Tips:

Pick A Theme
Picking a theme can save your guests from the stressful deliberations of choosing an outfit, and instead, put the ball in your court as the host to choose what theme you would like your attendees to follow. Its also the best way to ensure your guests show up in a costume. You can go with the classic Monster Theme, or get really creative and go an alternate route; such as a 20’s theme, or hosting a Murder Mystery, where everyone will come as a character or alter ego!

Dates are Important – Save the Date
Halloween doesn’t normally fall on a weekend, but your party can! Avoiding Halloween night has more advantages. This way you can enjoy handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, without interruptions to the event.

Get Creative with the Invites
The invites set the tone for your event, especially if its a themed party! Besides the obvious party information, there’s opportunity to get creative and fun with your invitations, especially if its a themed party. Lets say you choose a 20’s theme -have it delivered how messages were in the 20’s – with someone ringing their doorbell, dressed up.  For a Murder Mystery; hand write the letter to the recipient, requesting their ‘presence at a dinner where a rather important announcement will be made,’ this sets the plot, and the story begins. It may seem like a ton of work, but its the details that make it memorable.

Design Your Venue & the Menu
Now you have to really commit here. Create the atmosphere for the theme. If you’re going with a Monster Theme, have nothing out of the ordinary to eat, go with Fried Fingers and serve Bloody Mary’s. As for decor; use cobwebs, strobe lights, smoke and horrifying vignettes to set the mood.  If you’re going with the Murder Mystery route; have a course-by-course meal planned with a wait staff ready (the wait staff can be hired actors, or guests of the party. Everyone at the event plays a role).

From WGN Chicago

Tips on Throwing a Memorable Halloween Party

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