Design Trend. Feathers

Designing With Feathers

A trend that we’ve been seeing everywhere is the use of feathers in interior design. Ganked straight from the runway, I think this trend may as well as a new spin on animal hyde, they are being used everywhere from wallpapers to pillows and centerpieces. Here are some cute ways that you can easily include feathers in your decor:

  • Wallpaper. (Ya’ll know I loves me some wallpaper) I found one by Schumacher.
  • For a super easy way to include feathers in your decor, use pillows. See this stylish one by Jason Home and Garden.
  • Using feathers as your centerpieces is by far the most affordable options to include them in your decor. You can find pheasant feathers online or at almost any taxidermy shop.
  • You can also use feathers to style your walls though framed prints or literally framing a found feather and mounting it.
  • One way is by using African headdresses. Its real name is a  Ju Ju Hat, which perfect way to add some exotic flavor to your space.

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  1. Hi Tiffany, I am a new fan!….congrats on your success as an HGTV design star!!! I noticed that you too are in the design success university group and a Penn Foster grad. It’s so wonderful to see a sister doing her thing!!
    All the best,
    Your Design Parnter


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