Bath LUXE In A Day.

I woke up this morning and decided that I cannot stand my bathroom. I mean even after I cleaned it, I still feel like I am in a white abyss with honey oak cabinetry smacking me in my face. Honey Oak….yes folks I have builder grade honey oak in my house. 

A pause to allow time to vomit in my mouth.

I don’t mind the white walls and floor, if I was going for a more sterile look but, I want something a little a lot more LUXE.

My husband thinks that I have developed something he calls “hotel envy”. He could be right, I have been in some nice spots. But hell, I can’t afford to do this major construction all while keeping myself as fly as can be…. So, we have refinishing the cabinetry, wallpaper, lighting, and painting up for discussion. Obviously all of this would happen after the Holidays, but until then I made an inspiration board of mini updates things I can do in a day to make the space feel better ….

Bath redo in a day

Wamsutta bath rug

Candy jar

Window panel

Lollia body cleanser

Simple things I can do today, to make the space feel more collected, together, and pamper myself at the same time.
Your Interior Designer
Tiffany Brooks

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