Sunday Inspiration. Thom Filicia.

Okay. So I know that this is like my 15th post about Thom Filicia and one of his rooms. It does seem as if I am slightly obsessed with him, well probably because I’m obsessed him. But I had to post this on these images from the first ever Holiday House Hamptons to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  What I love about this is how this room absolutely makes all the sense of the world by making a little sense together. I am guessing that he started with contemporary bones with the furniture and he added a hint of beach using texture with his fabulous fabrics and rugs. 

Or did he start with the walls, that textured paper, and then that unexpected light fixture. Its like poetry no one will ever understand but tries a lifetime to.

Have a Very Blessed Sunday.

P.S. How is everyone doing with their holiday shopping? I have not even started….

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host,

Tiffany Brooks

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