My Holiday Gift Guide.

I am about 1 and a half weeks late in posting this, but as long as its not the 23rd we are ok! I have been compilling this list for just about that long, when I realized my husband, Dante, has absolutely no clue who he sleeps next to every night. Basically, the man has no idea what to get me this year. So I thought…. What would the girl who is like me want if she were me. So this list is The Official No Fail What To Get Your Girl If She Is Like Tiffany Brooks List! When I say this is My Holiday Gift Guide, I mean it.
My Christmas Gift List

Clothing and Shoes

Rachel Zoe dress at . I LOVE Rachel’s style and ever since I saw her Intro to her show the Rachel Zoe Project, I have wanted a One Shoulder Maxi Dress, and 2 years later, I found it!

Bebe boots at . Love the quilting on these, which I also predict will be huge in 2014 both in fashion AND Interiors….

ALDO slip on shoes at . These boots are to quench that whole Black-Girl-Rocker thing I have going on. HAUTE!

Coach handbag . I am a total Coach girl. Especially since they became affordable a couple years back.


Kelly Wearstler home decor . This book is on Kelly W.’s reading list, and what she says is boss.

Luminous Interiors at . I admit, I am one of those that select my coffee table books by the look of the cover.

In with the Old at . I am a huge fan of designing with soul. And no better way to do that then referencing the past. From what I read, this book makes sense of that movement to design with the throw backs in mind.

Remix at …. again its a cover thing. But this one is special because by  Jeanine Hays of AphroChic , who has style oozing out of her left thumb nail!

Tools to Keep Me Going

Pantone FPP120 Color Guide and Specifier set As prized as a box of Crayons are to an artistic child, this Pantone set is to a color sensitive designer like me!

Universal Keyboard from . I think that this is the missing piece and the sole reason why I don’t use my tablet. I love that it is also universal just in case I decide to get an iPad.

SodaStream Revolution Black/Silver Starter Kit at . I spend no less than $10.00 per week in Perrier water, and if you multiply it out this gadget would save me over $500 per year!

Morelle Diana Purse Leather Emerald Jewelry Box by . Every girl need s a cute jewelry box and the one that I own is not cute. So I found this one. A bonus is that it looks large enough to hold it all.

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm IS Lens Black at . I fell in love with this camera when my friend Cris came to town with this around her neck. The picture quality is amazing, and it would be perfect for blogging.

The Sparkly Stuff

Necklace at . Has anyone ever been in one of these stores?! LOVE it is a total stimulation overload if you are a fashion person into accessorizing. I picked this piece because of the color.

Earrings domino at . Love a great pair of earrings that look like they actually a part of a 1940’s starlet’s collection. These are a great example of what I am talking about.

The Paper Goods

Stationary caddylicious-acapulco2  at . Every business woman/style maker needs their own stationary, and dammit, I am no exception!  But if you think about it, there is nothing like receiving a hand written note from people now a days.

Mucho Chevron A5 Notebooks. at These books are perfect for designers, This particular one is sectioned into 3 parts, lined, graph, and blank. I  personally need no less than 3 of these (matching please)

One more thing…

bbc ChristianA perfect gift for the music person in your life is this Album. I am totally biased, because my darling husband is the Artist. It is perfect for the music person that loved Hip Hop in the late 8-‘s early 90’s, you know back in the day when we used cassette tapes vs. iPods. The Artist BBC, is a Chrisitan Hip Hop Artist and all around great guy. DID I mentioned he is my hubby? well his CD dropped yesterday, and I listened to it this morning and love it! It is one to totally put on repeat, and the best part about it, its that it can be listened to while the kids are around! Take a listen and put on your Holiday Gift Lists this year.

Your Interior Designer & HGTV Host
Tiffany Brooks

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