Stop Resolving. Be About Something In 2014.

I want to Thank Everyone 
reading these words, Friends, Family, Clients – (Future,  Present, and Past) for blessing Me and My Company
You and Your Decor with your support!

New Years Eve is not a fun day for me. I often feel as if I failed because I did not met income, client, or weight goals. And, I get really down about the shallow stuff, I know there are a couple close friends of mine (MM and TL) that are thinking “Well Tiffany that’s because you are – Shallow. LOL. This year is especially hard because I have compartmentalized all of the great moments of 2013 and fool myself into thinking that its hours from over. So tonight I am struggling to believe the fact that it’s just beginning! I need to know that The New Year is only a reset button for two things: my taxes and a my paper calendar. Not my life.

Last year I set out to not set such shallow goals that only benefited me. Here is what I wanted to do in 2013:

“That is what my 2013 is to be about. INSPIRATION.  I am going to inspire others by setting examples in my relationships,  in concentration, in my self confidence, in my knowledge, and inspire others to have courage. And lets not forget – INSPIRE you in the designs of your Homes! Plain and simple – TO INSPIRE.” 

In 2013 I have truly seen God show me He was God. I actually felt what faith embodies, I experienced what it was like to go out on my own, with HIS plan and not mine and make it through. I left my secure job to fully engage on what God has planted in my heart a long time ago. Its been hard, but Anything that is hard to do you must go hard at it to succeed. That’s my little quote – use it as much as you want. 😉 – I INSPIRED.
After HGTV Star aired I got so many notes and letters, words of encouragement from viewers and fans that comforted me and kept me believing in my self. On the flip – I got notes about how I should not have been the selected host for HGTV, and how I was untalented, and bland. Basically people, the haters got up, got dressed, and came out to play! Any who – I choose to focus on the love and use the haters as the fuel. Here’s some of the LOVE I got:
Tiffany – I watched you and prayed you would win this entire past season.  Tiffany- your win has personally inspired me to chase my interior design dreams. I’ve left my boring-boxed-in career in Technology, and am pursuing my dreams in Interior Design. THANK YOU for being an inspiration, it’s because of you that I believe that my dreams of also becoming an HGTV Star can come true, one day too. God bless you and your beautiful self and family!
– Tamara B.
Bamm! Goal Attained!
In 2014 I am resolving to Live Outside The Box. That to me can mean anything, I am approaching life out of the status quo. That includes anything from the homes I design, How I write, how I interact, and taking chances on new relationships and environments. I am promising my self each day to have at least one wacky ass, crazy idea that takes me to the limits of my own comforts, and try to turn it into and attainable vision. LIVING OUTSIDE THE BOX!
Whats your promise to yourself? I want to know! what are you planning to do (or stop doing) for 2014, what are you going to start being about?
And most importantly, I MUST THANK you for contributing You and Your Decor’s amazing year! Be Safe and STAY UBER BLESSED!
HAPPY 2014! 
Tiffany Brooks

3 replies

    • My goals for 2014 are to keep fighting and searching for a path!
      -Masters in Design, school starts Fall of 2014 at the Art Institute- waiting for acceptance letter and enough financial aid…
      -Still applying at a gazillion design studios from personal assistant positions to Internships, all NOs so far… my talent alone is not getting me very far in Dallas.
      -Next goal, is to land a part-time job at a Fabric/Upholstery store, hoping to land something soon!
      -Possibly move back out of my parent’s house in the interim, not so fun making this sacrifice in my 30s- no creative space- but baby steps!
      #Tiffany Fan 🙂
      ~Love Ta’Mara B


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