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Its me again for another “Dante’ Knows Design” post!

It’s one of the greatest times of the year, that all of us men get hyped up on. Yes! You guessed it!



February 2nd (which is the day before my 37th birthday) is Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday! (That’s 48 by the way). This year we have the Seattle Seahawks vs the Denver Broncos. It should be a very good game. I’m interested to see how Payton plays against this Seahawk defense. They are so good and Payton is such a maestro of a quarterback, so smart, it will be very interesting to watch. One thing that I can’t believe is that it’s in NEW YORK, in FEBRUARY, OUTDOORS!!! WTH??????

But i’m not here to talk stats and stuff. This is YAY Decor so i’m going to talk about planning and decorating a cool Super Bowl party…from my point of view.

First step, select a theme. But I think we have that covered. It’s the game itself and the two teams playing. You build around that of course. You select your colors built around that. You can go with the red, white and blue for the colors of the NFL logo, you can add in the colors from the two teams as well. Set the tone right away by telling everyone to chose a side before they get there. Come in Broncos or Seahawks gear or team colors. If they don’t care who wins, come in black and white like a ref or even a referee shirt.

You have to look at your space, analyze it. How much room do you have, how much seating can you fit? This is so that you can invite the proper amount of people. After that, you have to make your guest list. This is where it gets tricky. You don’t want to hurt feelings but then again, you have to decide is this a gathering where the game is on, or is everyone there to watch the game. There is going to be a mix more than likely. But i’m pretty sure you don’t want to invite your 80 year old grandparents unless they are die hard football fans. But the guest list is something to really think about .

Next you need to plan your seating and eating stations. Where in your place makes the most sense to put the food. Most people say, put it in the kitchen. yeah you can, but don’t put everything in there. Put your food out for people to access while the game is going. The last thing I want to do is leave during 3 and inches to go get more chicken. Plan your seating. How many chairs do you have and where can you place them to where people will be comfortable and be able to watch the game with no visual problems. If you need more seating, you can rent folding chairs, buy more folding chairs or borrow some from YOUR church. Don’t expect a church that you never stepped into, to lend you some chairs.

Once that is done, decide on how much you want to spend on food. Do you want to splurge for all of this or have people bring a dish/drinks? Yeah, 99% of us will chose number two unless you’re just loaded and don’t mind. That’s not me though, LOL! Make sure when you invite people that you tell them to bring a dish. It would be very nice if you knew what they were bringing, even better if you can assign the dish.

Now the decorating part!!!

Party City is a great place to go shop for the Super Bowl. They have everything from football themed centerpieces, to condiment bowls, to cool Super Bowl cups, plates and napkins.


Decorating your party with pennants is a great idea. This is sports so pennants are ok. You can get your Super Bowl themed pennants from Party City and you can go to and order Broncos or Seahawks pennants to sprinkle throughout your space.


Another cool idea a grass tablecloth. No, not made out of actual grass, but grass printed tablecloth that you can order at I know you can find the SB themed tablecloths, but the grass printed one would be cooler. Then you throw the table top decorations on there and boom!


While you will have people bring food and drink, like chips, dips, nachos, wings (GOTTA HAVE NACHOS AND WINGS!) and other finger foods, you as the host need to supply the “special” dishes. Keeping with the theme of the super bowl and it’s teams, I researched the cities of the contending teams for food ideas.

Starting with Denver

I would go with the Denver Sandwich. It’s basically a Denver Omelette on a mini roll. For those that don’t know what a Denver Sandwich is, it’s scrambled eggs with chopped green peppers, chopped onions, cheddar cheese and diced ham on a bread of your choice. In this case with it being so many people, you would want to do mini rolls, unless you feel like slicing up bread into small sandwich sizes.

You want to saute the onions peppers and ham in a pan. Add some beaten eggs to it until fluffy, put desired portions on a roll and top with cheddar cheese. You have to figure your portions out on your own. I don’t know how many people are coming to your party so I can’t do that for you. You can also reference for the recipe.

denver sandwich

Another really cool touch would be to have popular beer from the team cities. In Denver’s case, Breckenridge Brewery, out of Denver is distributed all over the country. Their site has a beer locator where you can find what distributor near you, carries their beer. I found nearly 20 places within 5-25 miles near my home.

Now Seattle

I found that Seattle is famous for it’s Dungeness crab and it’s crab cakes. While I don’t expect anyone to just have tons of crab for moochers to come eat up, go with the crab cakes. Word on the street is that Etta’s Seafood Restaurant in Seattle has the bomb crab cakes. I found a recipe for Etta’s crab cakes at Make them bite size so that there is more. They look really delicious!


Another food item that Seattle is known for is the Seattle Style Hot Dog. It’s a fried hot dog, topped with sauteed onions and cream cheese on a toasted hot dog bun. Mmmmmmmm! Sounds weird at first but Seattle natives love them and I want one!


There is also Red Hook beer. Their beer is made in Washington state and distributed across the country. They also have a beer locator. I found plenty of places near my home, including Walmart, that carries their beer. For the Denver and the Seattle brand beers, you might want to print out a list of their brews so you know what to look for. They both have a nice menu of brews.

On top of that, you can half team colored jello (or jello shots), cupcakes and cookies as well. You can check out Pinterest for other great Super Bowl food ideas, they have some good ones.

One big thing that would make your Super Bowl party fun for fans and people who are just there to hang, are GAMES! I’m talking games that include cash prizes, putting money in the pot! The biggest Super Bowl games are the squares. To get an idea on how to play the squares, go here,


Another cool game is an indoor, playoff game of bags at halftime. Bracket style, winner take all. But the boards next to each other and whoever gets the most bags on the board or in the whole within 35 seconds goes to the next round.

Another cool halftime game is Karaoke instead of the halftime show. I don’t know but one Bruno Mars song, so I am not concerned with halftime this year. Do your own halftime show, Karaoke style!!

There is also a fun game of Commercial Bingo. Create bingo sheets with commercial ideas in the squares,like CocaCola, Toyota, .Com website, talking baby, shoe commercial, etc.. And you play it like bingo, winner gets a prize!! You can also throw penalty flags when there is a bad commercial. That should bring about some good laughs!

super bowl bingo

Another cool idea that will take you back, is, you can set up a field goal station. Put some turf on a table, paint the yard lines, 40, 30, 20, 10 on it, add a goal post, fold up that paper football and have at it.


One last cool thing would be a photo station to take pics of all of your guests! Put something festive on the wall like this…


So there you are. Some cool ideas for your upcoming super bowl party. I hope you have fun!

This is Dante and I approve this message!

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