Painted Kitchen Cabinets. And Tips on Doing it Yourself.

I have been shopping costs to give my icky oak paneled cabinets in my kitchen a face lift. I am going to  paint them!
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^^^LOVE THIS ^^^
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And finally…

My inspiration

This is the exact look I want for my kitchen. Star and all! (floors will be painted white with a black boarder as well!) And dont even get me started on the mirrored backsplash.

So I have received estimates anywhere from $1000 – Too low, to $6000 – To high… I am going with the man in the middle with a great rep. A word: Never pick the low guy, you are taking a risk of someone being unreliable and inexperienced.

In a fleeting moment I decided to investigate the process (Basically I briefly thought I could do it myself). I learned that there are 5 steps to painting the kitchen cabinets…

  1. Clean

  2. Sand

  3. De-gloss

  4. Prime

  5. Paint

The entire process usually takes anywhere from 4-8 days for an average sized kitchen, since the paint and primer has to be completely dry to move on to the next coat/step. – Umm no, I am using a pro.

However, I do have some tips for smaller jobs, or if you are hellbent on doing it yourself.

Other tips:

  • You must know what you are painting: Metal, Laminate, Wood, etc. Yes there are other materials besides wood…. Take off a door and take it to the hardware store to make for sure you know what material you are painting.
  • Rustoleum has done this before. That company has products to paint just about anything! I would give them a call to get advice on needed products before you give it a go.
  • Number the cabinets to remember placement. With this tip I would take it a bit further. I would sketch it on graph paper number the doors on the plan and correspond the numbers with a number on the actual door. This helps for putting your kitchen back together again.
  • Do the Above with handles and hinges. Keep the hinges and handles in ziplock bags that correspond with the numbers on your plan. You must make sure everything fits back into its original place when you are done.
  • Use a test dummy. Take off a door, paint it and make sure you like the color. Its a big job and you would be bummed if you applied the wrong shade of red.
  • Most important, consult a pro. You never know, it may be worth paying the stacks to have it done professionally instead of being a weekend warrior.

Happy painting!

Your Interior Designer/HGTV Host

Tiffany Brooks

10 replies

  1. This is hot! I love it.
    I do have a question? Do you refer “your guys?” I am looking for “a guy” to do some small jobs around my home (new kitchen floor, small outdoor paint job, new closet and basement doors, etc.)


  2. This is a project I’ve been wanting to do since we moved into our house. Our kitchen is small, and the cabinets are dark, and makes the room look even smaller. I agree that hiring a professional is worth every penny. I hate painting, and in the kitchen it’s so easy for the paint to peel and look awful. You want it done right the first time!


  3. Look at all four edges.Try to imagine the grain of the wood as it would look if you cut it yorsuelf.In other words,if you look at the end of a door in which the grain is running upwards,it should look as though it has been cut across its grain.If the door and its edges are laminated inevitably,the laminate edgeing has a long grain feature around all four sides.


  4. I am in the process of re-doing my cabinets in a large kitchen. Yes it is taking forever because I am priming, basecoating, gel staining, then top clear coat. Waiting for all this to dry in between coats is taking a LONG time but they are coming out fabulous! I don’t know how to leave a pic here for you to see 😦
    Awesome blog! glad I found you!


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